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U16 Alpine Training Program

Abenaki U16 Program philosophy – Technical /Tactical skills refinement


We offer training to U16 athletes on Thursday nights. This is an opportunity for athletes who have grown up through our program to get more structured hill time and stay connected with our team as they pursue racing in high school and beyond.  Our program is designed for High School racers looking for additional opportunity to train with USSA trained coaches.  

Ski Racing After High School


Collegiate Ski Racing Programs

Many parents may be unaware that their college-bound children can continue to ski or snowboard competitively in college. Regardless of the university your child chooses, there is likely a place for them to participate in a collegiate ski or snowboard program.  While many universities offer these programs, they often don't fall under the department of athletics, so they may go unnoticed until after your child enrolls. Ski and snowboard teams at universities are typically located in one of three areas: the department of athletics, the department of recreation (sports clubs), or the office of student affairs (clubs). All three levels compete together in the USCSA under NCAA Division II rules.

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